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At the Law Office of Nicholas J. Muscarello,

At the Law Office of Nicholas J. Muscarello,

we understand how complicated family matters may be. This includes issues of divorce, child-support and custody, spousal support and property division. These issues may be more complicated with long-term marriages. Since Louisiana is a community property state, property division issues can be even more complicated.


The decision to file for divorce is never easy and ultimately neither party is generally happy with the overall outcome. However, having an attorney by your side to help fight for your rights and to ensure that the children of your marriage are getting the financial supp

In spite of strict helmet laws and other rules governing motorcycle use, unfortunately motorcycle accidents are often caused by reckless or negligent behavior on the part of drivers of automobiles or trucks. Overall, motorcycle accidents across the United States have continued to increase and in Louisiana they have increased significantly since 2008. Unfortunately, motorcycles offer very little protection during an accident regardless of how sturdy a helmet may be. Simply put, motorcycles do not have the protection that an automobile or truck offers a driver or passenger.

Motorcycle accidents nearly always cause very serious injury including broken bones, head or spinal cord injuries and unfortunately in many cases also cause death. If a motorcycle accident is caused by another driver’s negligence, it is possible to seek compensation for you injuries.

ort they need is imperative.

Negligent driving, speeding or distracted driving are often the causes of motorcycle accidents. When you have been injured in a motorcycle accident or you have lost someone you love in a motorcycle accident, identifying and holding the responsible person financially accountable is your legal right.

If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident or someone you love has lost their life in a motorcycle accident, contact the Law Office of Nicholas J. Muscarello at (985) 345-1010 for a consultation. We will do our level best to ensure the party responsible for the accident is held financially responsible.

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