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Robbery charges in Louisiana are typically pursued to the fullest extent the law allows. Charges may be enhanced if the victim of a robbery is threatened with a weapon or believes they may be threatened with a weapon. A conviction on a robbery charge can result in significant jail time as well as steep fines.

A simple robbery charge, which could result by taking anything of value when unarmed, could carry prison time of upwards of seven years. If a weapon is involved, the charges may be increased to first-degree robbery and carry a minimum prison term of up to three years while an armed robbery charge carries a minimum sentence of 10 years.

Whether you are facing charges of simple robbery, purse snatching or carjacking, we will review the specific charges as well as the facts involved in your case to develop a defense strategy. We understand how important it is to keep a clean record for purposes of future employment and we also understand that a robbery conviction can result in a significant loss of freedom.

No two robbery charges are identical and every charge must be taken seriously. Whether you have been arrested on suspicion of robbery or have been told that robbery charges will be filed against you, contact the Law Office of Nicholas J. Muscarello at (985) 345-1010 immediately. We will work vigorously to protect your freedom and mount a successful defense.