Truck Accidents

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Being involved in any kind of accident can cause serious injury, however, the risk of severe injury when a truck is involved is far greater. Seeing 18-wheeler trucks on our roads is an everyday sight, yet most of us never consider the possibility we may be involved in an accident with one. Unfortunately, like every other motor vehicle on the road trucks are involved in accidents on a regular basis.

Victims of accidents involving trucks often suffer very serious injuries because the sheer weight difference between a car and truck is so significant. Truck accidents can be caused by a number of issues including:

  • - Distracted driving
  • - Failure to obey traffic signals
  • - Drowsy or drunk driving
  • - Improperly maintained equipment

As a victim of a truck accident, you have the right to receive compensation for the damages to your vehicle as well as for medical care for your injuries and loss of wages. However, unless you have an attorney on your side fighting to get you the compensation you deserve you may find an insurance company will take advantage of your situation and encourage you to settle quickly.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, or someone you love has been injured contact the Law Office of Nicholas J. Muscarello at (985) 345-1010 for a consultation regarding what options are available to you. Keep in mind the statutes of limitations in Louisiana may prevent you from filing a claim and less it is done in a timely manner.