Nursing Home Abuse

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Often times as parents and grandparents age family members are left to make the difficult decision about placing them into nursing homes. Once that decision is made, we expect a certain level of care. Unfortunately, statistics show that nursing home neglect and abuse has not only risen over time but is perhaps also seriously under-reported.

Some signs of nursing home neglect or abuse are simple to identify; we can see bruises, bed sores or simply poor hygiene. Unfortunately, not all signs are as easy to identify. Too often, nursing home patients are subjected to verbal abuse and unfortunately some may even be subjected to sexual abuse.

Caring for our seniors is something all of us should take seriously and when we visit our loved ones in a nursing facility we do not expect to find them uncared for. Sadly this happens all too often.

There is no amount of money or compensation that can make up for the abuse or neglect a loved one has suffered in a nursing home. However, it is likely you will incur additional expenses in relocating them to a more suitable facility, obtaining additional psychological and/or medical care for them and in some cases, you may even consider bringing them home with round-the-clock nursing care.

If your parent or grandparent was or is in a nursing home and was subjected to any kind of abuse or neglect you have the right to seek compensation on their behalf. Typically, these cases require extensive investigation and you need someone who will serve as an advocate for your loved one.

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